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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who the heck swims in December?

We are the crazy family that swims when it is 40 degrees outside. This all started after I read Lucus' mom's blog post about starting swim lessons. So, I checked around and found an instructor that was experienced in teaching hearing impaired children and adults to swim...and I found Ms. Kathryn at AquaKids.

I have mentioned the amazing people that work with our little man many times on this blog. However, I've never touched on the impact that Ms. Kathryn has had on Thomas. She is so caring, patient and loving. When Thomas started lessons, he didn't know how to swim at all but, still didn't have any fear or respect for the water. So, Kathryn started slowing with him...first getting him comfortable with her, teaching him the 'safety turn' when he jumps in the water, how to kick, etc.

And just last week, she video taped him under water swimming across the pool. While Thomas loves to swim, I also see the benefits of swimming above and beyond learning how to do it. These lessons have helped his core muscle development, stability and breath control.

Here is the video that Ms. Kathryn made of Thomas swimming.

Ms. Kathryn also took several pictures of Thomas under water. My personal favorites are the ones of Thomas with his big sister, Sidney.

My thanks to Ms. Kathryn and all the wonderful people at AquaKids. You guys have helped our little man more than you will ever know.